Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2017

January 18, 2017
Patrick Ungashick, Dance in the Endzone

February 22, 2017
Executive Session

March 22, 2017
Executive Session

April 2017
Vistage Executive Summit

May 17, 2017
Executive Session

June 21, 2017
Jack Daly, Increasing Your Sales and Margins

July 19, 2017
Executive Session

August 16, 2017
Executive Session

September 20, 2017
Executive Session

October 13 and 14, 2017

November 15, 2017
Executive Session

December 13, 2017
Amy K. Hutchins, Ignite Brilliance

2016 Speaker Programs and Bios

Ian McDougal, Theory Of Organization Lifecycles: An Analysis Of How They Grow, Why They Die and What to Do About It

All living things, including organizations, have a lifecycle. They are born, they grow and over time many will age and die. As they progress along this lifecycle, organizations can expect to encounter certain predictable challenges. How management responds to these will ultimately determine the success or failure of the organization.  Making successful lifecycle transitions is not easy or obvious. The methods that produce success in one stage can create failure in the next. Leaders who fail to understand what is needed (and not needed) can inhibit the successful development of their organization.

These fast-paced sessions will challenge some of your basic assumptions about management. They will also provide you with powerful management tools that have proven to be highly effective in transforming organizations into high performers.

What does it take to be a great company?

1.    Understand the 4 attributes of organizations in their PRIME, and be equipped to focus your managerial energy and resources on the right things.

2.    Debunk the myth of the ‘perfect’ manager and learn why people are often hired for what they know and fired for who they are.

3.    Learn how to assess if you have the managerial team that will take your organization to PRIME.

Value to members

1.    Learn how to discriminate between normal or age appropriate problems that you have to live with versus those that are abnormal and need to be solved.

2.    Learn how to predict the future problems that your organization is going to experience

3.    Understand what causes organization aging and atrophy; how to prevent it and how to reverse it.

Value to members

Enables senior executives to gain insight into normal versus abnormal problems across the lifecycle of the organization. Explains the causes of organization aging and atrophy and how these can be avoided or reversed.
Baliji Krishnamurthy, "Developing Leadership Through an Intentional Corporate Culture"

The most common limiting agent for a growing small corporation is neither market opportunity, nor investment capacity; instead it is usually the limited leadership talent below the CEO. Senior leadership frequently focuses so exclusively on the growth of the company, that it often neglects growing its internal leadership, the fuel for continued growth. Balaji Krishnamurthy insists that while leadership can be developed, it can not be learnt or imitated, and suggests that business leaders must develop a clear and intentional leadership agenda that is their own. Using thought-provoking logic and a passionate style of delivery, Krishnamurthy causes each member of the audience to examine their own unique style of leadership. This style must then be translated into an intentional corporate culture, which becomes a source for developing internal leadership that is consistent with the company's core values. A concrete framework for developing an intentional corporate culture is offered that will allow participants to analyze their current culture against their intent. While a broad overview of the components of the framework will be covered, time permits an in-depth study of one of the following cultural topics, to be chosen beforehand by the chair: Should the culture serve the shareholders, customers or employees? Creating speed and agility as a corporate asset Cultural philosophies for staffing, evaluating, and rewarding employees The science, art & culture of decision making A culture of consensus and concurrence is the road to mediocrity Motherhood and apple pie: Cultural ingredients for status quo Common cultures across disparate sites Multi-national cultures versus trans-national cultures Silent dissent and the missing ethic in corporate cultures Encouraging the heart through a culture of communication The audience will leave with the ability to analyze their own leadership style and agenda. They will have a framework within which they can formulate and articulate their intentional corporate culture. Specifically, they will have concrete tools to analyze a soft subject like corporate culture and use it to develop leadership from within. Most importantly, they will leave energized to act.

Ryan Avery, "Leading Through Storytelling"

In 10 years, the success of your business will be dependent on the buying power of the Millennial Generation. Are you skilled to communicate to them in a way that gets them to buy, invest or share your company’s message? Let Ryan Avery, the youngest World Champion of Public Speaking in history share:

·       The do’s and don’ts of storytelling in a professional setting

·        How to capture and keep the attention of any generation

·        Formulas for touching the basic emotions, creating humor and best practices for demonstrating technology or  software in your presentations

·        Ways to capitalize on the Millennial Generation’s buying power by utilizing the power of story

Ryan will teach you presentation secrets, strategies and insights from the world's best speakers and storytellers! After his presentation, CEOs leave knowing how to:

·                  Easily and quickly implement proven formulas for successful presentations that engage multiple generations and get them to take action

·                 Avoid the biggest mistakes leaders make today when delivering presentations to your future customers

·                 Illustrate why your ideas matter and present with confidence every time you get on stage, enter a room and present one-on-one

·                 Persuade, connect and engage any audience with any message

Value to members
Members will learn to sell through storytelling. They will develop speaking and storytelling strategies to keep their audience and consumers engaged and take action! 

Eve Grodnitsky, "Mindset Changes Everything:  The Art and Science of Success"

Why do some of our employees embrace challenges, bounce back quickly from setbacks, take feedback well, and adapt easily to change – whereas other employees struggle to do these very same things? And (equally important) are these differences “hard-wired” – or are they something that we can change?

 The answer lies in an understanding of a concept called “mindset,” originally described by research psychologist Carol Dweck. Mindset is the most fundamental way that we perceive, understand, and interact with ourselves, other people, and the world at large – and it can take two different forms: “fixed” or “growth.”

 People with a fixed mindset believe that intelligence and skills are essentially innate (“fixed”) characteristics; you either have them, or you don’t. As a result, fixed mindset people often feel compelled to continually prove to themselves – and to others – how much innate intelligence and talent they already have. Unfortunately, this leads to a tendency to prefer working on things they’re already good at, and they can struggle if challenged to step outside their comfort zone – where they fear they might appear to be lacking in new or different skill sets.

By contrast, people with a growth mindset believe that “innate” intelligence and skills are significantly less important than effort and learning. They believe that it’s not how you start – it’s how you finish. And how you finish is largely determined by how hard you’re willing to work and how much you’re willing to learn. As a result, people with a growth mindset are less concerned with proving how smart, talented, and capable they already are – and are more interested in doing everything they possibly can to get better. They embrace challenges, show resilience in the face of setbacks, welcome feedback, and are undaunted by change.

The good news is that mindset itself is not “fixed”; it can be shaped at both the individual and the organizational level by focusing on three key factors. Understanding how to leverage these factors allows us to shift ourselves – and to help others shift – from fixed to growth mindset. Shifting to a growth mindset allows us – and our employees, our colleagues, our children and our partners – to perform at our best and to maximize our potential in every area of both our professional and personal lives.

Value to members:  This session provides participants with a robust understanding of the differences between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset – and the ability to recognize the components of these mindsets in themselves and in others. Particular attention is also given to the specific steps that participants can take to shift from fixed to growth mindset – and how they can help others make this shift as well. At the end of the session, participants will (1) understand the value of shifting themselves, their employees/colleagues, and their organizations towards a growth mindset; (2) have the tools to make this shift at the individual and organizational level; and (3) have identified the first two specific steps that they, personally, can take to begin to make this shift.

Boaz Rauchwerger, "The Tiberias Success Formula"

In this highly interactive presentation, Boaz Rauchwerger identifies the one thing each participant would like to change or improve the most within his or her organization. Key issues covered in this fast-paced program that are applicable immediately include:

  • overcoming roadblocks to high achievement
  • stimulating the power of the mind
  • moving through challenges creatively
  • controlling and diffusing stress
  • improving productivity and time management
  • becoming a business and money magnet

Rauchwerger provides participants with specific techniques for supercharging their businesses. He teaches participants a simple six-step daily process they can implement within their organizations called The Tiberias Success Formula that takes less than eight minutes a day.

Value to Members: Members will leave with their personal and professional goals identified and, affirmations written to put those goals into action. Members are given an outline of the formula that can be used as a daily reference for themselves and members of their organization.

Biography: Boaz Rauchwerger, Vistage Speaker of the Year, is founder and president of Boaz Power Corp., a Newport Beach high-performance consulting firm. He has been a professional business speaker for major corporations and a personal coach to CEOs for more than 25 years. He is author of The Tiberias Transformation - How to Change Your Life in Less than 8 Minutes a Day. Boaz holds a degree from the University of Tulsa. He appears weekly on the Lifetime Television show called "The Balancing Act."

Dean Minuto, "Yescalate – Your System to Get to YES"

Award-winning Vistage speaker Dean Minuto has been called The One Page Sales Coach® for his unique ability to present massively distilled summary courses for CEOs and sales/marketing executives with single-sheet tools that they can use immediately to "Get Yes Faster and More Often." Every member and Chair needs to get to YES, whether alone or with their team-and this course presents a unique set of tools distilled from more than 100 years of research in the decision sciences and applied directly in Dean's work with more than 9,000 executives.

This program will provide Members with four simple yet powerful tools:

·       Tool 1: The MAGNETS are seven research-proven strategies to get to "Yes" faster

·       Tool 2: The Performance Compass shows the direction of sales performance and the way to improve

·       Tool 3: The Wheel Alignment gives you a powerful visual metaphor to get buy-in for improvement

·       Tool 4: The OPSC one-page sales coaching tool you can use on a piece of paper no bigger than a napkin

This is a sales best practice application session filled with the learning from Dean's two decades of study of what works with top performing influence agents- the workshop uses a mixture of exercises, videos and stories to make sure that members of all learning styles are engaged. Whether you need a single "Yes" or hundreds, whether you have one sales rep or a thousand-Dean will share with you tips, tools and techniques to raise your results higher with Yescalate™.

The talk applies to any attempt to influence-face to face, over the phone, and over the Web. Your Personal Action Summary will be filled with takeaways for follow up in your next one-to-one.

Dan Quiggle, “It Can Be Done”

A plaque bearing this inscription "It CAN Be Done!" sat on President Ronald Reagan's desk in the Oval Office, symbolizing hope and optimism in the limitless potential of individuals who seek opportunity and freedom. Dan Quiggle will share lessons of leadership taught to him personally by Ronald Reagan during his once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work for President Reagan in his post-presidential staff office.

Dan's fast-paced, enthusiastic presentation demonstrates how optimism can be used to create opportunity, even in this challenging, turbulent business environment and era of big government. Using three maxims of successful leadership, he will challenge you to examine the way you do business, reframe the way you view your role as a leader, guide you in building a personal Pyramid of Success, and demonstrate how to effectively use emotional intelligence to maximize your potential. Dan's presentation includes personal stories and real-life scenarios covering:

·       How to build a successful foundation for growth

·       How to use emotional intelligence to lead with purpose and optimism

·       How to lead - "It CAN be Done"; Ronald Reagan believed it - do you?

Value to Members: Using Reagan's four simple words "It CAN be Done" as inspiration, you will discover how to lead with purpose, direction and optimism, helping others grow and succeed personally along the way. You will learn how to maximize that which motivates your employees and turn it into loyalty. With enthusiasm and optimism of which Ronald Reagan himself would be proud, Dan Quiggle embodies the necessity and value of keeping appropriate perspective during hard times and demonstrates from his personal, political and business experience that opportunities are just waiting to be discovered and embraced by those who believe "It CAN Be Done."

2017 Speaker Programs and Bios

Patrick Ungashick, “Dance in the End Zone”

Program Description

In this workshop, Patrick Ungashick turns the conventional wisdom about exit planning upside down. Rather than presenting "exit planning" as it's commonly understood (i.e., the financial, tax, legal and business hurdles encountered when an owner prepares to sell a business) Ungashick presents a radically different approach. He asks, "What decisions need to be made today in order to build business value and to position the business and its CEO for success at exit?" Too many CEOs and owners struggle at exit or leave value on the table because seemingly innocuous decisions made years ago come back to undermine their results. The good news is that taking action now not only better prepares the business-owner for exit; it also helps create a better and stronger business today.

Combining nearly 20 years of direct experience, findings from national research involving nearly 450 Vistage members, and entertaining real-world case studies and stories, the presenter covers:

·       Why and how planning for the future exit creates a better business today

·       The difference between growing the business and creating value

·       The Seven Essential Exit Questions required to achieve success

Value to Members: Key take-ways from this interactive workshop include:

·       What makes one business more valuable to a buyer or successor than another

·       How to know if you are building transferable value as your business grows

·       Answers to the Seven Essential Exit Questions

·       Plus, nearly a half-dozen assessment exercises and tools for members to use in their businesses after the workshop

Biography: Patrick A. Ungashick leads several companies that provide financial consulting and advisory services and products. His companies help business owners build companies that they can happily exit from, advise investment committees of mid-sized retirement plans how to create successful participant outcomes, and help consumer investors reduce risk and achieve personal financial goals. He has spoken to audiences large and small, is the author of Dance in the End Zone: The Business Owner's Exit Planning Playbook, and has been quoted in, Financial Week, Bloomberg Wealth Manager and other business and trade media.

Donald Rheem, “Employee Engagement & Productivity”

Program Description
Don Rheem delivers unique insights on building PERMANENT high performance cultures of continuous improvement. The best-designed systems and processes only deliver peak efficiency IF the people using them are functioning at THEIR optimal capacity. We all know that you can't manage what you can't measure - yet few organizations are aware of the empirically validated key indicators that govern human engagement - let alone how to measure them! Senior Leaders are challenged to create an environment in which staff is willing to volunteer their discretionary effort - that willingness to go the extra mile that employers can't force staff to travel. Don reveals a rapid-response approach organizations can use to quickly get quantitative report cards on these specific causal performance indicators for each Team, Supervisor & Department. Empirically proven high performance markers pinpoint specific, immediately actionable strengthening opportunities for every manager at every level of the hierarchy.

Value to members

Gallup estimate up to 25% of human resource costs are wasted and that the most powerful motivators have little to do with salary. Vistage members will learn how to identify where the productivity bottlenecks reside, what specific actions are needed, and how to measure the effectiveness of those remedial measures.

Speaker Biography

Donald L. Rheem is one of the nation's leading communication and employee engagement coaches, with clients including U.S. Senators, Fortune 500 companies, Royalty, government agencies and national trade associations. A former science advisor to Congress and the Secretary of HHS, Rheem also served as an award winning White House correspondent and Washington Bureau Chief. He helps his clients understand the science of engagement at an emotional level - the key to improved sales performance, employee productivity, reduced staff turnover, and customer loyalty.

Jack Daly, “Increasing Your Sales and margins”

Program Description

All too often an increase in sales is compromised by a contraction in margins. For the most part this is avoidable, and is really a reflection of a shortcoming in the sales capability of the sales team. For a number of years now, Jack Daly has been sharing his ideas on how to best build a high performing sales team in his programs of “Coaching Companies to Great Sales & Profits,” and “Building a World Class Sales Organization.”

This workshop focuses on the keys to effective SELLING, and the material is delivered in easily implementable ideas to grow one's business immediately. The key areas covered include:

·       pyramid to sales success: 4 key components

·       goal focus: accountability and measurement

·       five laws of self-renewal: motivation is mandatory, and not an option

·       perception of value is key: creating demand, regardless of price

·       building a touch system: leveraging your prospects, customers and clients

·       training: it's an “inside job”

·       building your success guide: performance follows preparation...the end of call reluctance

·       recognition systems: don't leave “thanks” to chance

·       people are different: sell and manage accordingly -- learn to “type” a person in less than two minutes

Value to Members: Street-proven action ideas, complete with a workbook, are delivered here. The session is fast paced and filled with take-away value. Daly has worked with thousands of sales people over the past ten years, and here are some of the “best of the best” ideas that are working for others, and can soon work for the participants in this workshop.

Biography: Jack Daly is owner of Professional Sales Coach Inc. and co-owner of Platinum Capital Group (1998 Inc. #10 on Inc. 500 list). He has more than 30 years of business, leadership, sales, and personal motivation experience, and has served at the senior executive level and CEO levels of several national companies. He earned is BS degree in accounting from LaSalle University, and an MBA from Wilmington College.

Gerry O’Brion,
“What Big Brands Know:  Grow Any Business Like a Billion Dollar Brand”

Program Description

Grow your business like the big guys, using the same strategies they use. Big brands do a few things well and do them consistently over time. Gerry O'Brion has led marketing for several billion dollar brands, and HE has translated that experience into strategies any business can use. His presentation will covers five steps that billion dollar brands use, year after year, to attract their ideal customers.

What you'll get:

·       Five simple steps to attract your ideal customers

·       A process to shake up your thinking, and see your company with new eyes

·       Big company strategies and planning, applied to businesses of all sizes

·       A simple, powerful technique to drive more word of mouth referrals

·       How to be different when you seem the same

Gerry's approach is unique in that he uses case studies of very different businesses to demonstrate a few key concepts that can be effectively applied to any business. He uses several fun, interesting examples to demonstrate the power of the ideas. The techniques are illuminated by businesses ranging from a multi-billion-dollar beer brand to a tiny auto repair shop. Sometimes the best insights come from studying things outside of your own business or industry.

Value to Members: Gerry will have you look at your business with a fresh perspective. You will reexamine how you are different from your competitors, and why that matters to your customers. The fun, thought-provoking dialog will generate real ideas you can use immediately. The presentation is packed with information, strategies and case studies about companies that are doing it right.

Biography: After years as an executive with billion dollar brands, Gerry O'Brion now uses big company strategies to grow businesses of all sizes, regardless of their budget. After earning his MBA at the Michigan Business School, he worked with Procter & Gamble, Coors Light, Quiznos and Red Robin. Gerry is now a professional speaker who distills the strategies used by big brands into techniques that can be used by any business. His keynote, "What Big Brands Know," has helped thousands of business owners, executives and association members. He is known for making big company strategies simple, fun and actionable for any organization.

Evan Bailyn, “How to Use SEO to Build a Massive Customer Base”

Program Description

In a world where there's a new social media trend every year, how do CEOs know where to invest their time and money? In reality, the most effective place is probably one of the most obvious: Google. Think about it for a moment-almost every purchase you make passes through Google in some way. Whether it's a new cell phone, a restaurant or an infrastructure for our business, we Google things. Thus, knowing how to be on the other side of the equation-having your Web site show up at the top of the list when people are doing research online-should be a key part of your customer acquisition strategy. In this interactive discussion with Evan Bailyn, bestselling author of Outsmarting Google, some of the topics covered include: A simple, practical strategy for obtaining new sales through Google search - one you can put into action today Google's search algorithm demystified An explanation of how social media and Google search currently interact, and how the "social search" landscape will be changing in the coming three to five years Evan has worked with hundreds of clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and he approaches SEO with a clear focus on ROI rather than traffic acquisition, exposure or other metrics that do not ultimately maximize the health of the business. At the same time, his core philosophy comes from a place of doing right by clients and creating a more positive brand perception for the company.

Value to members

Members will walk away with a clear and definitive understanding of search engine optimization (SEO) in 2015, as well as a perspective on how it will be changing in the coming years. They will be able to put a proven SEO strategy into effect right away.

Speaker Biography

Evan Bailyn is an Internet entrepreneur and the bestselling author of Outsmarting Google. He is primarily known as a search engine optimization expert, having used his ability to rank at the top of Google to build and sell five businesses, including one of the largest children's Web sites in the country. Currently, he offers marketing services through his company, First Page Sage. Under Evan's tutelage, clients have established the predominant Web sites in their industries, become New York Times best-selling authors and won key elections. He has been interviewed on ABC and Fox News and featured in Forbes, The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

AmyK Hutchins, “Ignite Brilliance in Your Leadership

Program Description

In this interactive, engaging and insightful program, executives are introduced to a mind/brain approach to developing better leadership skills within themselves and others. Incorporating the latest brain research, participants explore Socratic questioning techniques and how these tools can increase the effectiveness of goal setting, team building, team meetings, decision-making processes, improved client relationships, retained employees and organizational transformation.

Value to Members: Offers innovative leadership tools that have immediate, practical application for increasing performance and productivity levels in individuals and teams.

After participating in this program, participants will know:

·       How leaders can use questioning techniques to inspire, influence and achieve results

·       How to construct specific and attainable goals for individuals and teams

·       Tools and practices for thinking and managing strategically, yet innovatively

·       How to utilize question-based formats/processes to better manage individuals/teams

·       How to develop one's own unique Socratic leadership style and philosophy

·       How to develop a corporate culture of appreciative inquiry

·       The steps in creating a Socratic self-development plan for continuous growth as a leader.

Biography: AmyK Hutchens CEO. Speaker. Business Strategist. A former executive of a billion dollar global consumer products company and recently awarded the Vistage UK, International Speaker of the Year, AmyK is a catalyst for producing sustainable solutions to a leader's most pressing challenges. More than 35,000 executives in eight countries have benefited from her keen insight and intuitive understanding of the issues leaders face.


Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2016

January 20- Ian McDougal, The Theory of Organizational Lifecycles, How to Grow
February 17- Executive session                                          
March 23- Baliji Krishnamurthy, Intentional Corporate Culture
April 6- All City Vistage Executive Summit - Austin
May 18 – Executive session
June 22 - Ryan Avery, Leading Through Storytelling
July 20 – Executive session
August 17 – Eve Grodnitsky, Mindset Changes Everything:  The Art and Science of Success
September 21 – Executive session
October 14-16 –RETREAT! - Boaz Raushwerger, "The Tiberian Success Formula"
November 16 – Dean Minuto, Yescalate – Your System to Get to YES
December 14 – Dan Quiggle, "It Can Be Done"

Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2015

January 21 – Michael Canic, “Aligning Your Organization to Win, or Else!

February 18 – Executive session

March 18 – Chalmers Brothers, “Leadership, Conversations and Results in the Workplace”

April 21 – All City in Austin

May 20 – Executive session

June 17 – Brad Barth, “Asset Protection and Planning for Business Owners and High Net Worth Individuals”

July 22 – Executive session

August 19 – Jack Daly, “Coaching Companies to Greater Sales and Profits”

September 16 – Brad Remillard,"You're Not the Person I Thought I Hired: The CEO & Key Executive's Guide To Hiring Top Talent"

October 9-11 Retreat Location TBD, Mikki Williams “A Balancing Act: Walking The Tightrope Of Life”

November 18 – Dan Barnett, “Make or Break Execution:  The Core to Success”

December 16 – Executive session