AdTech Update

The past couple of months have been really exciting for all of us at Click Forensics. Exhibiting at the AdTech show in San Francisco was a great success and over 500 new members have joined the Click Fraud Network.  We now have over 1,200 advertisers, agencies and search providers as part of the Network.  I thought you might be interested in some stats about our members. In the advertiser group, 8% of the members are Fortune 1000 companies and several are among the largest advertisers online.  25% of the members are in the retail space, 16% in financial services and another 11% fall into the technology category.  These vertical markets, along with others, will give us a basis to study in the coming months.  There is a clear difference in each category as to the amount of click fraud that is occurring.  Look for the Click Fraud Index to release information on this in the coming months. AdTech also was the launching point for our Click Forensics 4.0 for Enterprise™ product.  This hosted solution is geared for advertisers with over 100,000 paid clicks per month.  We have had terrific interest in this area and are proud of the product.  It is a rich reporting interface and a very complete solution for the problem of identifying unwanted clicks. Tom Cuthbert