LOST: Simply the best show on televison

While I'm not a huge TV fan,  I do like to watch sports, news and Seinfeld reruns.  It has been a long time since there was a series that interested me enough to pay attention week in and week out.  In September of 2005 I had rotator cuff surgery on my shoulder.  I came home from the surgery the day that LOST had the recap episode from season one and the first episode of season two.  As I lay on my side, somewhat drugged up, I watched and immediately became hooked.
LOST interests me for three reasons. First, the show is extremely well acted.   Michael Emerson is amazing and well deserving of his Emmy nominations.  Other actors on the show are equally engaging.  There is an interesting mix of science fiction, action, romance and even comic relief.  The balance built by the producers and delivered by the actors is impressive. The second aspect of LOST that I like is the plot.  It is incredibly complex and woven together by interesting dialogue, unexpected twists and turns and intense dramatic moments.  I am not easily impressed, but the story of LOST has kept me guessing now for several years.  I have no idea where it will end but am confident that all aspects are well thought out and will converge in a way that makes sense to me. The third part of the show that I find remarkable is the music.  The intensity of the drama and action is magnified by music that penetrates your mind in a way that draws you in.  It fits perfectly with the plot and enhances the experience instead of distracting from it.  There are two types of music on the show.  There is the amazing background music played as the drama unfolds.  Then there is the music that is filled with clues to help unlock the mystery of the show.  Songs like "Walking After Midnight" and "Building a Mystery" lead to clues to the the show.  Others such as "Good Vibrations" or "Xanadu" offer a fun way to break the intensity of the show. There are a million little clues embedded in the show LOST.  Watching them unfold and try to piece the show together has become a fun pastime the last few years.  I even supplement my LOST watching with LOST listening to podcastsABC has an excellent podcast and I enjoy listening to Jay and Jack, two guys that comment on the show in an entertaining way. So if you have not gotten "lost" its not too late!  The show starts again this week for season five and concludes next year.  There is a definite end point and while it will take some time to get caught up, it is well worth it.  Two thumbs up for ABC on LOST and I look forward to seeing the last 32 episodes play out.  Then, I guess it will be back to Seinfeld reruns  :-/ Tom