Welcome Bing!

Let's face it, Google needs a competitor.  Microsoft is ready to give them a run for their money (and it's a lot of money).
Last night, here in Seattle, Microsoft lit up the Space Needle to celebrate the launch of Bing.  Time will tell how big an impact Bing will have in search, but history may be on the Microsoft's side. [caption id="attachment_647" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Browser Wars"]
[/caption] As recently as 1997, Netscape had a 80%+ share of the browser market.  Wikipedia recalls the IE 4 release in October of '97..."The release party in San Francisco featured a ten-foot-tall letter "e" logo. Netscape employees showing up to work the following morning found that giant logo on their front lawn, with a sign attached which read "From the IE team." The message also read "We Love You." By 2002, Microsoft had a 96% share. As we say in the sports business, "Don't sleep on Microsoft". [brightcove vid=25062206001&exp=1543292789&w=486&h=412] Sure there will be lots of head to head comparisons between Google and Bing.  But so far, I'm impressed... Wondering what Google has on their front lawn this morning :) Tom Cuthbert