Best business books list...

I shared this list with my Vistage group members... it is a collection of some of the best business books I have come across.    Below I have listed the book, a description of the value and a link to Amazon:

Leadership is an Art - Best book I have read on high level leadership - Amazon

The Marketing Playbook - Outstanding book on marketing strategy.  How to compete, new products and services.  Well written - Amazon

Top Grading - Discussed in our last meeting.  How to get the right people on the bus - Amazon

The Alchemist - Not your normal business book... this book is about life and work balance as well as priorities.  Thought provoking - Amazon

How to Become a Rainmaker - Excellent book for sales and BD, both practical and inspirational - Amazon

Fierce Conversations - A Vistage endorsed book on having the tough conversations and communicating with clarity - Amazon

Death By Meeting - A must read for executives.  This is a fable about meetings and very practical ways to make the far more effective - Amazon

I have many more listed on my LinkedIn Reading List.