Facebook Planning to Release an iPad App (finally!)

Facebook ipad app 300x225 Facebook Planning to Release an iPad AppFacebook is planning to release an iPad app with “slick design” soon, reports PCWorld.

Facebook has already offered app for the iPhone but is still lagging behind in terms of producing any app for the iPad. As a result, iPad users have no option but to use third-party apps or continue using Facebook’s regular website.

According to reports from New York Times, Facebook has already spent a year in the making of new iPad app. The app will come equipped with new functionality for Facebook Chat and Groups, in addition to offering a completely unique experience for the users for photo and video usage. The new app will let you directly upload photos and video in the app and see them as a full screen view and at full resolution.

There are also reports of Facebook having plans for an HTML 5 web app for iOS devices as well as a new iPad-optimized website. According to these reports, this new site will not be replacing the Facebook’s iOS apps but act as a ‘supplement’ to it.