Google Will Rat You Out to the Feds for $25

Google Will Rat You Out to the Feds for

Google receives "tens of thousands" of requests each year from the government to turn over user data, and it complies with any it deems legitimate. But the information comes at a cost: 25 bucks per head.

According to documents obtained by privacy researcher Christopher Soghoian under the Freedom of Information Act, Google charges the Feds $25 per account for surveillance services. (No word on if Google displays targeted ads alongside the data it turns over.) Yahoo charges $29, while Microsoft lets government spooks spy on their users for free. Most domestic wiretapping requests come from the DEA, so it's best not to do your drug-dealing via Gmail.

This is a bargain compared to other types of communications spying. According to Wired, cable provider Comcast charges $1,000 for a month of wiretapping. Still, it's all a lot cheaper than parking a van outside your house.

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