Looking for the perfect Christmas gift? How about an "Electronic Computer Brain"?

I grew up around computers.  My dad is an electrical engineer and I can still remember going to work with him on the weekends and staring at the giant computers!  We even had a Commodore Pet as one of the very first "desktop" computers.  (You had to have a really strong desk to support that baby!)

One of my earliest computer memories is when my dad bought me this "Electronic Computer Brain"!  I saw this in the Huffington Post article (below) and laughed out loud!  I remember getting this and assembling it when I was probably 6 or 7.  There were short straws that would attach to the front to "program" it.  It could do simple math problems and as the ad points out, could tell your fortune!  Unfortunately it didn't tell me to buy Microsoft stock in 1985, but for $4.99 it was a bargain!

13 Vintage Computer Ads Show How Far We've Come 

"What the heck is electronic mail?" isn't something you typically hear today. Even moms and grandmas are on Facebook, and if you hand any of today's kids a smart phone they'll be downloading episodes of "Yo Gabba Gabba" before you can say "don't drop that."

Still, it wasn't too long ago that consumers were fascinated by the possibilities of computers, and these vintage ads prove that in a hilarious way. From those which show our former naivete of all things digital, to ads for hard drives that pale in comparison to an iPhone and cost exponentially more, we guarantee you'll get a kick out of these outdated tech-vertisements. Vote for your favorite!