Rocketman Does Double Loop In Winged JetPack

I'll be honest with you... I want a Jetpack!  I mean, who doesn't??  

Yves Rossy is a Swiss adventurer slash dare-devil, known for flying across the English Channel in nothing but office clothes and a winged jetpack.

Office lies aside, sporting a new version of his jet-pack and the right kind of flight attire, on Friday he managed to pull of two aerial loops, presumably consecutive.

The new model is aerodynamic, and Rossy tested it by jumping from a hot-air balloon at a 2,400 meter altitude, and 18 minutes of flight and a parachute landing later, he’s probably the first man to perform two loops in a winged jet-pack.

The new model has a 6.6 ft wingspan, 1.6 ft smaller than the first one, has no detachable parts, and is both more aerodynamic and more stable. There had been a plan by Rossy to fly a complete circle around the balloon, but despite the safety improvements.