It’s not about what you do. It’s about what, what you do does for others.
— Tom Cuthbert

Brand Alignment Process Overview

The first step is brand clarification and alignment.  It allows us to "begin at the beginning" and ensure success as we work together. The following outlines what it looks like:

1. Facilitate the brand alignment exercise.  Company leaders and stakeholders come together for an interactive exercise.  The outcome is a fresh look at the company vision, alignment on brand definition and agreement on direction.  The exercise answers the following questions:


Who are we?
What do we do?
What's our vision?
What wave are we riding?
Who competes with us?
What makes us "the only"?
What should we add or subtract?
Who loves us? Who's the enemy?
What do they call us?
How will we explain ourselves?
How do we spread the word?
How to people connect with us?
What will they experience?

2. Stakeholders review the recap and ensure there is consensus directionally.  


3. An audit takes place of all brand assets, messaging and imagery.  We would report back with recommendations and priority for tasks to be completed, a prioritized sequence and a budget and timeline to accomplish.

This work clarifies the vision for the future and leads into a strategic planning process.  The goal is to ensure strategic direction, brand assets, core values, vision and leadership are all in alignment.