The keys to successful Vistage chairing

In an effort to help my fellow chairs, I have set up this page with ideas and resources.  I had three primary goals last year:

1) Increase engagement and retention
2) Cultivate referral sources to lessen my time spent recruiting
3) Enhance my own productivity to recapture time

The results and ongoing activities are listed below.  Feel free to reach out to me if I can help in any way.

Happy chairing!


What makes a great Vistage member?

How do I increase member engagement and retention?

2017 Goals - All members set 3-5 business and personal goals, track in Bullet Journal for 121's

Increase group engagement - Moving Totals - Business Canvas - Chair Reports - Core Values

Build a Resources page for members

Ventures program - Leadership and development training, free to members - Difficult Conversations Presentation

Highlight Vistage membership benefits and build a checklist to increase activity - Benefits page

Create a new Check in sheet to surface topics, clarify focus and identify issue trajectory

Hosted Robin Stanaland in my highest performing group and asked her to provide feedback.
Conducted and Armed and Dangerous exercises on all groups


How do I accelerate the number of quality referrals and spend less time recruiting?

Lenses are guiding principles to keep us on track.

Referral only:  I am 100% referral only.  I only take candidates who have a member sponsor.
Screening process:  20 minute call > 90 Minute in person > attend with signed app > yes or no

Join boards and increase community visibility - Tech Bloc - (websiteGetting Uber Back) - SA Works (website / press release)

Recognized with a Mentor Award - Tech Titans

Launched a Speakers Bureau - My speaking engagements

Produced a video series - Videos 

More group events and mixers - Craig Weber Event Recap - Promoting Upcoming Speakers 

Build referral sources - Trusted Advisor Group (launched in November 2016)  

Downgraded my first CE group to SB leaving me with TA > Key (hybrid) > SB > CE + Coaching


How do I become more efficient and effective with my time to work less?

What's an hour of your time worth?

Calendar EVERYTHING (meetings, 121's, travel time, calls, gym, dates with wife, time with kids, naps...)

Teach a class on Time management and productivity to learn new ideas

Know what an hour of my time is worth and track utilization rate, time invested in service and my hourly rate

Utilize a Bullet Journal - Bullet Journal - Bullet Journal Quick Reference

Use ScheduleOnce to let meetings come to you.  My availability is here

Use Pipedrive to track prospect nd funnel management

Use the Tile App so you don't lose things

Take a sabbatical month (Mine is July)

Utilize the #1 tool for follow up: Follow Up Then.  Helps put things where they go and when the go

Scan everythingFujitsu ScanSnap i500 Scanner 

Read Getting Things Done once a year

Only look at email three times a day and use tools like Google Inbox and SaneBox

Try a stand up desk and stand on a balance board to keep my phone calls shorter

Use Dropbox to store files and Evernote to store notes and reminders

Complete a Reflections document annually to assess what worked and what didn't

Avoid Distractions

Set goals, make them public using a Goal Worksheet

Take Uber or Lyft a day a month

Drive a Tesla so you don't have to waste time buying gas!  (Plus it has and has tons of storage) :)

And coming in Spring of 2017, my version of Jack Daly's Swim Coach: