The Vistage Grow Group is designed for small company CEOs and facilitated by Tom Cuthbert.

Vistage brings world class speakers, expert coaching and peer-to-peer problem solving and learning. The are high performing leaders learning and growing together. There is a high level of accountability, trust and confidentiality. There is limited availability and a clear selection process.

Vistage Grow Group - Facilitated by Vistage Master Chair, Tom Cuthbert
(Group number 9514)

The Grow group is built for CEOs (division presidents, business owners...) running growing companies. Membership is open to CEOs of companies under ~$3M in revenue.  


• 12 full day meetings per year (8:30 am to 4:30 pm)

• 8 speakers (selected specifically for the needs of this group)

• Issue processing and problem solving for topics including growth, people, funding, sales marketing management and many others

• Vistage Chair will facilitate the entire day

• Members would have rotating “lunch buddy triads” to stay connected between meetings

• Full day meetings with CEOs working on common problems

• Speakers and training built for CEOs of growing companies

• Opportunity to attend the other groups speakers (with limitations)

Other info:

• Application available upon request

• The group will launch with 12 members and the group would be limited to 20

• Meetings will be on the third Thursday of the month (with exceptions)

2019 Grow Group Meeting Schedule

May 16 - 830 am to 430 pm - Founders meeting

June 20 -  830 am to 430 pm - Executive session

July 18 - 830 am to 430 pm -  Vistage Speaker Eric Keiles, “The 30 Minute Marketing Plan” and Executive session

August 15 - 830 am to 430 pm - Executive session

September 19 - 830 am to 430 pm - Vistage Speaker and Executive session

October 17 - 830 am to 430 pm - Speaker

November 21 - 830 am to 430 pm - Speaker (tbd)

December 12 - 830 am to 430 pm - Speaker (tbd)