Tech for Taylor: 
No Surprises, Just Results

No one has been a bigger supporter of the San Antonio tech community than Mayor Ivy Taylor. It was March of 2015 when I first met Ivy Taylor, then serving as interim mayor. Shortly after that I wrote for this publication an article titled, “What Surprised Me About Ivy Taylor”.

Today, nothing surprises me about her. Ivy Taylor has done everything she committed to do for the tech community and the city of San Antonio. Her vision, values and goals are aligned with our city and the results have been amazing. She has participated in virtually every major Tech Bloc event including our first anniversary, Women of TechBloc and Rideshare celebrations. She has worked tirelessly to first understand the tech community’s agenda and then apply leadership and resources to help us execute. Mayor Taylor has been hard working, honest and consistent in leading the effort to support and grow the San Antonio tech community.

So what have been the results of these efforts? You can find a long list at Let me highlight a few here:

Rideshare back in San Antonio – Rideshare is critical for San Antonio in three ways. First, it provides transportation options that enhance safety and reduce drunk driving incidents. Secondly, it is attractive for the business community and those traveling to our city. Finally, millennials depend on ride share and choose to live in cities that have it. Mayor Taylor, along with Councilman Roberto Trevino, led the charge to bring ride share back to San Antonio.

Working to enhance our workforce – I serve on the SA Works board and have insight into the challenges our city faces for the future. We must attract and retain talent to compete globally. Mayor Taylor has put high wage, high demand jobs in growing industries at the forefront of her focus. She understands the needs of our city to build stronger demand, enhance our education systems and attract talent to San Antonio. As a result of her efforts, Tech jobs in San Antonio have grown 16.2% over the past two years.

Building a vibrant urban core – The Mayor’s leadership on the 2017 bond program provided a significant boost to downtown. Over 20% of the bond goes toward enhancing our urban core. Ivy Taylor is a trained city planner. This means she understands that to attract and retain technology talent, we must have a vibrant urban core. She involved the tech community in designing this plan and the bond will have a major impact for years to come.

Growing Tech – Working closely with the team at the Economic Development Foundation, Mayor Taylor has traveled to recruit tech companies here. Hulu, ScaleFT, Oracle and Cytocentrics have a strong presence here now. Additionally we have Google Fiber launching and many others in the pipeline. Recently, San Antonio was number 6 on Entrepreneur Magazine Hottest Cities for Start ups. Mayor Taylor has made San Antonio a city on the move.

Improving access and education opportunities – CAST Tech High School is a nationally acclaimed initiative that is the first of many progressive schools. The mayor along with the county, leadership from Geekdom, Tech Bloc and HEB made the school possible. Additionally, the Bibliotech libraries improve access to the internet for our citizens. Mayor Taylor also built a digital inclusion strategy plan and held the first summit on closing the digital divide. All of these initiatives and others demonstrate her leadership, benefiting San Antonio.

Mayor Taylor is committed to San Antonio and believes in our tech community. I trust her to do the right thing for San Antonio. I’m deeply invested in our city and want to see us have continued growth, strong and proven leadership and a clear vision for the future. There are no surprises with Ivy Taylor, only results.

About Tom Cuthbert
Tom Cuthbert is a founder and former CEO of Adometry, a technology company acquired by Google. Today he coaches CEO’s and business leaders through Vistage. He serves on the board of directors for Tech Bloc and SA Works. He and Ryan Kelly (Pear Analytics) are responsible for the website