Powering Your People  
How to Attract, Retain and Grow Top Talent

We often hear that “Good people are hard to find”.  In today’s business climate with low unemployment, rising wages and a transient workforce, that statement has never been more true. 

·       How do successful leaders attract, retain and grow powerful people?  

·       How to build your company to become “sought after” by top talent? 

·       What is it that millennials really value in an employer? 

·       How do you eliminate “C’s”, build up “B’s” and retain “A’s”?

In this interactive workshop, CEO coach Tom Cuthbert will help you unlock these secrets and create a plan for your company to power your people to success. 

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Tom Cuthbert delivers the Keynote Address at the San Antonio Business Journal's C-Suite Awards on September 20th, 2017.

Tom Cuthbert has spent over 1,000 hours a year in private, one-to-one conversations with CEO’s.  It is from that experience and a 35-year business career that pulls together the process, tools and approach that helps rising leaders grow.  In this interactive presentation, Tom will draw out your own experience to help you become a better leader.  He will equip participants with the tools needed to aid others to build on and open up their own opportunities.

Leaders grow from the inside out.  Learn how to lead others from here to there and your career will be forever changed.