Upcoming Speakers in 2016

Vistage speakers are nationally recognized.  Many are authors and award winning presenters.   All are high impact.


June 22
Ryan Avery, “Leading Through Storytelling”

July 12 and 14
Mitch Gooze, “Effective Marketing: How to Get It Or Tell If You Already Have It”


August 2 and 4
Harvin Moore, “Integrity in Pursuit of Profit”


August 17

Eve Grodnitsky, “Mindset Changes Everything:  The Art and Science of Success”

October 4 and 6
Michael Allosso, “You on Your Best Day”


November 1 and 3
Bob Anderson, “Harnessing the Power of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership”


November 16
Dean Minuto, “Yescalate – Your System to Get to YES”

December 14
Dan Quiggle, “It Can Be Done”

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