As a CEO, business owner or leader, it's hard to know who you can talk to.  
Everyone in our work and home life has a perspective and interest in us.  
They also have their own agendas, motivations and intentions.  

Who do you have that is truly an outsider?  Who will ask you the tough questions?  Who challenges you, stands up to you and makes you uncomfortable ?  Who is committed to growing you and your business?

"Powerful questions knock people out of autopilot
and make them fly the plane."  Laura Whitworth

My job, as a Vistage Chair and executive coach, is to help others see what they are not.   I do this by asking the questions no one else will.  The 60 plus leaders I work with know I am not afraid to dig deep and drill in on the tough issues.  This may explain why the collective growth of my member companies exceeded 18% year over year in 2016.

So who do you talk to?  

Our job as a CEO and leader is to help take people "from here to there".  We have a responsibility to help them achieve more than they imagined possible.  In this video, I outline the process that I use in working with CEO's.