Tom Cuthbert's Keynotes, Training and Development Workshops are available on-site.  Tom Cuthbert will engage your team, teach practical skills and leave them with valuable take-aways.  

There are ten programs and presentations to choose from:

From Here to There:  Tools to Lead People to their Potential:  It is our responsibility as a leader to guide people “from here to there’.  To draw out their abilities, spark a passion and ignite achievement beyond expectations.  How do we help them connect the dots in their life to succeed at the highest level?  

Tom Cuthbert delivered the San Antonio Business Journal's C-Suite Awards Keynote presentation. The topic was how to take those we lead "From Here to There".

Tom Cuthbert spends over 1,000 hours a year in private, one-to-one conversations with CEO’s.  It is from that experience and a 35-year business career that pulls together the process, tools and approach that helps rising leaders grow.  In this interactive presentation, Tom will draw out your own experience to help you become a better leader.  He will equip participants with the tools needed to aid others to build on and open up their own opportunities.

Leaders grow from the inside out.  Learn how to lead others from here to there and your career will be forever changed.

Powering Your People  
How to Attract, Retain and Grow Top Talent

We often hear that “Good people are hard to find”. 
In today’s business climate with low unemployment,
rising wages and a transient workforce, that statement
has never been more true. 

How do successful leaders attract, retain and grow powerful people?  
How to build your company to become “sought after” by top talent? 
What is it that millennials really value in an employer? 
How do you eliminate “C’s”, build up “B’s” and retain “A’s”?

The most important conversation is the one you're not having.

Difficult Conversations
“The most important conversation is the one you’re not having.”  Everyone agrees effective communication is a key to business success.  And yet, we tend to stop short when communicating, fail to give candid feedback and avoid critical conversations.  The cost is high; lower productivity, turnover, missed opportunities and even losing a competitive advantage.  

Tom Cuthbert will outline a process to equip you to have a difficult conversation.  This model will be demonstrated and practiced.  Leaders will leave with both a new confidence and determination to have the critical conversations to move their business and life forward.

Making Meetings Matter
Ineffective, unnecessary and unproductive meetings cost businesses time, money and momentum.  They can be dreaded and avoided and are often the brunt of jokes.  There is a formula for successful meetings.  

Tom Cuthbert will lead the group to assess their own meetings and teach tools to ensure more effective meetings.  The approach will save companies thousands in lost productivity, add clarity and purpose and regain lost momentum.

Saying No
How often have you said "yes" when you wanted to say "no"?  The cost can be high. Without a clear focus and an ability to communicate clarity, our precious time can be wasted.  While we may be well intentioned, have a "servant heart" or be just plain nice, there is a cost to saying yes.  

In this highly interactive presentation, Tom Cuthbert will lead you through a set of tools and techniques for saying no.  You will regain time, better control your schedule and deepen relationships.

What's an hour of your time worth?

TIme Management and Productivity
We all have the same 24 hours.  Technology was supposed to help us better "manage time" and increase our personal productivity.  But look at us... too busy, totally disorganized and stressed to the max.  We have time for the urgent, but not the important.  

Tom Cuthbert will teach you techniques and provide tools to stop the clock. Tom's approach will help you regain at least an hour a day, guaranteed.

You'll walk away with;
How to value and track your time to invest it wisely
How to create focus on the important and overcome the urgent
Learn techniques to deflect distractions and avoid interruptions
Find the tools that fit  your needs, your job, your goals and your life
Break the myths of "time management" and build a plan to achieve balance

Ensuring Accountability
In business and life, there is a clear definition of accountability.  And yet, we often end up in relationships with finger pointing, low morale and diminished productivity.  

What is a nebulosity?

In this session Tom Cuthbert will present the true definition of accountability.  Participants will learn how to instill, model and enforce accountability in their own company and life.  Everyone will walk out with an action plan to achieve results and equip others to be more accountable.  

Lenses are guiding principles to keep us on track.

Setting and Achieving Goals
Give a man a bow and arrow and tell him to, “SHOOT!” and his first response would be, “At what?”  When there is no target there is no purpose for shooting.  He could shoot the arrow anywhere and wherever the arrow ended up would be where the arrow ended up.  Not much to it.  On the other hand, if you gave the archer a target and challenged him to hit the bullseye – everything changes.

Tom Cuthbert will teach principles of vision, mission, lenses and goal setting.  Additionally, the purpose and intent will be framed by a system of accountability.  Participants will walk out with specific goals and an action plan to succeed.

There is no more important conversation for a leader than a one to one

How to Have a Successful One to One
There is no more more effective tool than private, candid conversations with your team. Creating an the opportunity to sit down uninterrupted with our key people to process through issues, brainstorm and even allow them to vent is critical to success.  

Tom Cuthbert will teach an approach and process to make our one-to-one meetings high impact.  Participants will walk away with tools and goals to improve communication.  We will practice these tools and build an action plan to commit to improvement.

CNBC first appearance for Click Forensics

Disruptive Growth: The Ten Clicks That Rocked Google
The story of Adometry is one for all businesses.  Online advertising was growing, almost out of control in 2005.  Google, Yahoo! and others were dominating the market and there were no checks and balances in place.  Along comes a small start up company from San Antonio.  They had a plan and a playbook to go with a big ambition.  

In this presentation, Adometry co-founder and former CEO Tom Cuthbert, will share the playbook for disruptive growth.  You will learn the ten steps to disrupt, leverage relationships and grow your business.  Tom will share an approach and insights from a fascinating story of growth to acquisition.