2019 Meeting & Speaker Schedule

January 9, 2019 Executive session

February 13, 2019 Executive session

March 6, 2019 Executive session with speaker Katleen Votaw

April 10, 2019 Half day Executive Session (Noon to 430 pm)

April 18, 2019 Vistage Executive Summit at Sonterra Conference Center

May 8, 2019 Executive session with speaker Greg Bustin

June 12, 2019 Executive session

No meeting in July

August 14, 2019:   Executive session

September 11, 2019 Executive session with speaker Dave Nelsen

October 11-12, 2019 Retreat

November 13, 2019 Executive session

December 12, 2019 Executive session

Meeting & Speaker Schedule 2018

January 17- Executive session

February 14 – Executive session

March 14 – Eric Keiles, "The 30 Minute Marketing Plan"

April 11 – San Antonio Executive Summit @ La Cantera

April 18 – Executive Session (Half day - afternoon)

May 9 - Executive session

June 13 – Executive session

No meeting in July

August 8 – Tom Parker, “Negotiate2Win”

September 12 – Executive session

October 12, 13 – Retreat!

November 7 – Craig Weber, “Double-Loop Learning"

December 12 – Executive session

Speaker Programs

Eric Keiles, "The 30 Minute Marketing Plan"

Program Description This introduction to "Reality Marketing" will give you a new perspective on how to market your company in tough times. Your companies are not Fortune 500 companies, so they shouldn't advertise like one! This workshop will show you effective techniques for marketing your companies including unique discussions on "The Blue Red Test," "The Purple Cow," "The Scratch Out Drop In Test" and building a powerful "Marketing Machine." This might possibly be the most effective time you'll ever spend on marketing your business through experience, best practices, and many case studies and examples. Key objectives in the presentation include: Case studies on migration to Reality Marketing techniques Best practices of growing companies faced with recession Understanding how to build a low-cost marketing machine Positioning your company as "Remarkable" and get many more referrals Eliminating marketing tactics with low ROI Value to members Vistage members can expect to learn: Multiple ways to market to new prospects and clients Common marketing mistakes of small- to mid-size companies and how to avoid them How to build a robust prospect database How to use "low-risk" and "no-risk" offers How to slash your marketing budget How to build a "Marketing Machine" Speaker Biography Eric Keiles is a four-time entrepreneur and author of the book Reality Marketing Revolution. He has created four businesses during his career, and the latest, Square2 Marketing, helps business owners bring their sales and marketing to a level that they need in order to achieve their goals. He earned a bachelor's degree from George Washington University and MBA from Temple University.

Brett Pyle, "Your Extraordinary Why: Living a Successful Life of Significance"

Program Description How many times in life do we challenge ourselves, and our businesses, with lofty goals, only to discover that their achievement ultimately fails to satisfy? When articulating a vision, setting goals and choosing where to invest our time, do we think deeply enough about: Who we are? What we're passionate about? What we, and our companies, are uniquely gifted to accomplish? Why any of these things really matter in the first place? Participants in this workshop begin by identifying what truly matters most to them, both professionally and personally. They're then led on a journey of deep reflection to clarify the all-important drivers behind those priorities - the "why" behind the "what" - to gain insight about their lives and corporate purpose. With that larger context of significance in mind, they are subsequently introduced to an innovative "future first" model of planning to accelerate them toward clarifying and achieving their most extraordinary goals. This highly interactive workshop is appropriate for CE, SB and Key Groups. It's also ideally suited for member retreats, with or without spouses, as a stand-alone Transformational Learning module or as part of a Visioning / Strategic Planning working retreat. Value to Members: Participants leave with deeper understanding of their purpose, a written set of long-term, guiding goals aligned with that purpose, and a list of nearer-term actions needed to achieve a success that matters to them, their company and the world around them. Value to Chairs: From the outset this workshop takes members deep and builds group cohesion through significance-based conversations. The written goals and plans developed by members set the stage for future accountability conversations in one-to-ones and group meetings. Biography: Brett Pyle is a Vistage Chair and the founder/CEO of The Global Executive Group, developing global leaders and communicators who deliver breakthrough results that truly matter to the world. Previously, he served as the president and chief marketing/sales officer for a start-up technology company and spent 20 years in senior executive roles in the United States, United Kingdom, China and Japan in the petrochemical industry for BP/Amoco, and in the management consulting field for Andersen Consulting. His formal education includes a systems engineering degree from the University of Virginia and executive education programs at the Harvard Business School, Stanford's Graduate School of Business and the University of Cambridge.

Tom Parker, "Negotiate2Win"

Program Description This high energy presentation will focus on how to increase your negotiating expertise. Tom Parker will teach you how to use new negotiating skills to grow your business and improve productivity. This interactive program utilizes small group exercises and role playing to provide a practical, hands-on approach to improving an executive's comfort level throughout all phases of the negotiating process. Members will learn how to deal with difficult and confrontational negotiators and how to move them into a more collaborative frame of mind. Value to members As a result of this training, participants will be able to: close deals at higher margins recognize and deal with negotiating tactics recognize important non-verbal cues recognize and deal with face saving issues discover hidden interests In addition, members will receive a Planning tool that will help them prepare their strategies and tactics in advance of their important negotiations. Speaker Biography Tom Parker is a senior vice president of Yukon, a Richmond, VA-based company specializing in customized negotiations training. He holds an M.B.A. from the Darden School at the University of Virginia and has more than 30 years of sales, marketing, product management and general management experience with large multi-national corporations. In addition to his corporate career, he owned and operated two small service businesses for several years. Since joining Yukon, he has conducted negotiation seminars and training sessions throughout the United States as well as in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and Australia. Tom has created a number of online training programs and is the co-author of Is That Your Hand In My Pocket?, a book on negotiations for sales professionals.

Craig Weber, "Action Dialogue 2: Double-Loop Learning"

Program Description When you're building, growing or improving a business, the most important changes occur not in your strategy, structure, or systems, but in the minds of you and your people. In other words, making significant change often demands we adjust not just our strategy or structure, but the underlying assumptions and thinking upon which they're based. This requires deep learning, a profound shift in mindsets, assumptions and habitual ways of framing who we are and what we do. Lacking the ability to make such adjustments we grow increasingly out of touch because the world changes but our thinking does not. If building a better business requires new ways of thinking and acting, this workshop will provide tangible ways for making the adjustment. Building on the concepts and skills put forward in Craig Weber's "Action Dialogue: Piercing Conversations" workshop, it will have direct and immediate application to such fundamental business activities as problem solving, strategy formulation and implementation, change and crisis management, decision-making, meeting management and conflict resolution. Executives will learn how they and their teams can build a better business, and, in the process, become better people. Value to Members: Executives will explore how to use their Vistage group, and the key people in their business, to build more agile and effective working relationships, teams, and businesses. Specifically, they'll learn to: Orchestrate deeper "double-loop learning" when facing complex, difficult or recurring issues Demonstrably strengthen the problem solving and decision-making capacity of individuals and work groups Inspire deeper confidence in your team's ability to surface, explore and resolve tough issues and problems Better diagnose and engage adaptive challenges that require fresh ways of thinking and acting Better communicate the importance of necessary changes Purposefully build more flexibility, adaptability and agility into key relationships, teams and projects Create a business culture that "pulls every mind into the game."


Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2017

January 18, 2017
Patrick Ungashick, Dance in the Endzone

February 22, 2017
Executive Session

March 22, 2017
Executive Session

April 2017
Vistage Executive Summit

May 17, 2017
Executive Session

June 21, 2017
Jack Daly, Increasing Your Sales and Margins

July 19, 2017
Executive Session

August 16, 2017
Executive Session

September 20, 2017
Executive Session

October 13 and 14, 2017

November 15, 2017
Executive Session

December 13, 2017
Amy K. Hutchins, Ignite Brilliance

Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2016

January 20- Ian McDougal, The Theory of Organizational Lifecycles, How to Grow
February 17- Executive session                                          
March 23- Baliji Krishnamurthy, Intentional Corporate Culture
April 6- All City Vistage Executive Summit - Austin
May 18 – Executive session
June 22 - Ryan Avery, Leading Through Storytelling
July 20 – Executive session
August 17 – Eve Grodnitsky, Mindset Changes Everything:  The Art and Science of Success
September 21 – Executive session
October 14-16 –RETREAT! - Boaz Raushwerger, "The Tiberian Success Formula"
November 16 – Dean Minuto, Yescalate – Your System to Get to YES
December 14 – Dan Quiggle, "It Can Be Done"

Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2015

January 21 – Michael Canic, “Aligning Your Organization to Win, or Else!

February 18 – Executive session

March 18 – Chalmers Brothers, “Leadership, Conversations and Results in the Workplace”

April 21 – All City in Austin

May 20 – Executive session

June 17 – Brad Barth, “Asset Protection and Planning for Business Owners and High Net Worth Individuals”

July 22 – Executive session

August 19 – Jack Daly, “Coaching Companies to Greater Sales and Profits”

September 16 – Brad Remillard,"You're Not the Person I Thought I Hired: The CEO & Key Executive's Guide To Hiring Top Talent"

October 9-11 Retreat Location TBD, Mikki Williams “A Balancing Act: Walking The Tightrope Of Life”

November 18 – Dan Barnett, “Make or Break Execution:  The Core to Success”

December 16 – Executive session