2019 Meeting & Speaker Schedule

January 10, 2019: Speaker (TBD)

February 7, 2019: Retreat! with speaker Ken Stibler

March 7, 2019:   Executive Session with speaker Kathleen Votaw

April 11, 2019: Half day Executive Session (noon - 430 pm)

April 18, 2019:   Vistage Executive Summit at Sonterra Conference Center

May 9, 2019:   Executive Session with speaker Greg Bustin

June 6, 2019: Executive Session

No meeting in July  

August 8, 2019:   Executive Session with speaker Brandon Miller

September 12, 2019:  Executive Session with Dave Nelsen

October 3, 2019:   Executive Session

November 7, 2019:    Executive Session with speaker Eric Keiles

December 5, 2019:    Executive Session


2018 Meeting & Speaker Schedule

January 11, 2018:  Pat Murray, The Essence of Leadership

February 8, 2018:  Executive Session (8-noon) & Retreat! @ Top Golf (with spouses noon – 8:30 pm) Speaker Dr. Bill Crawford, "Clarity, Confidence & Creativity: New Information On The Science Of Dealing With Stress, People, & Life"

March 8, 2018:  Scott Bornstein, The MemoryPower Competitive Advantage:  5 Tools that Generate Sales & Increase Profits

April 5, 2018:  Executive Session

April 11, 2018:  Vistage Executive Summit at La Cantera

May 10, 2018:  Executive Session

June 14, 2018:  Matthew Garrett, The Art & Science of Getting the Most Out of Your Money

August 9, 2018:  Ian Altman, Let Them Sell You to Grow Revenue

September 13, 2018:  Executive Session

October 11, 2018:  Executive Session

November 8, 2018:  Charles Scott, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

December 13, 2018:  Joe Hernandez, Cutting Edge, High Level Negotiating

Speaker Overview and Bio

Pat Murray, The Essence of Leadership:  The Inside Moves

Program Description

Murray is provocative and interactive in his presentation on leadership. His approach to the topic is to structure the exploration of leadership issues and challenges through what he calls the "outside and inside moves." The outside moves specify what the organization directly experiences in its interactions with the leader. The inside moves are the less visible, but more important, underpinnings of the outside. The inside moves are where the essentials are created that achieve that rare phenomenon - exceptional leadership. Key topics include:

·       Personal core purpose

·       Basic beliefs

·       Compelling mission/vision

·       Strategic priorities

·       Role

·       Reliable action and results

The program covers the analysis and synthesis of Murray's eighteen years of experience working with CEOs. It captures his "givens" about leading a company and details the factors that make "great" leaders different and more effective.

Value to Members: Murray brings to light the deepest leader/follower dynamics - those things that leaders experience daily, but do not understand fully. Members will be given a conceptual framework with which to assess themselves and their companies. They will also be given, through concrete examples and handouts, a structured method for transforming themselves and their organizations.

Biography: Pat Murray is the founder of J.P. Murray and Associates, a consulting firm specializing in working with CEOs and top-management teams on leadership strategies and organizational alignment. Murray has consulted with hundreds of companies covering most of the major industry groups. Murray was selected as Vistage's Speaker of the Year for 1991.

Speaker Dr. Bill Crawford, "Clarity, Confidence & Creativity: New Information On The Science Of Dealing With Stress, People, & Life"

Program Description 2017 Updated Edition - As the title suggests, this presentation goes way beyond “stress management.” In fact, using my “Life from The Top of the Mind” system I will show participants how to access their clarity, confidence, and creativity by accessing a specific part of the brain. In addition this presentation will show participants how to avoid the stress and frustration that gets in the way of good decision making by avoiding a specific part of the brain. Dean Minuto (Vistage Speaker of the Year for 2015) describes this material as, “one of, if not THE MOST IMPORTANT, advances in personal and interpersonal effectiveness since Covey’s 7 Habits!” This comprehensive presentation will show participants: • How to shift to the clear, confident, creative part of the brain even in difficult situations. • How to stay in this effective “mind set” regardless of the situation. • How to engage others in such a way that they shift from their "resistant brain" to their "receptive brain" so that they can truly hear and understand what you are wanting them to know. Plus, this material will give you a better understanding of other’s stress and frustration so that you can help them bring their best to both their personal and professional life as well. Value to members Vistage members (and their significant others if invited) will: Understand why many "stress management" techniques don't work and can even make the situation worse. Learn new information about the the true cause of our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. Learn how to influence others by understanding how their brain processes information. Learn how to shift into the "zone of productivity" by shifting to a certain part of the brain. Speaker Biography In addition to being named TEC Canada’s Speaker of the Year for 2016, Dr. Bill Crawford holds a masters degree and PhD in psychology from the University of Houston. He is also a licensed psychologist, author of seven books, and organizational consultant. Over the last 30 years, he has created more than 3,500 presentations for such organizations as Sprint, Shell, The American Medical Association, PBS and many other organizations and professional associations, both nationally and internationally. In addition, his two PBS specials have been seen by more than 15 million people, and he has been quoted as an expert in such diverse publications as The New York Times, Entrepreneur, The Chicago Tribune, Investor’s Business Daily, and Working Mother, just to name a few.

Scott Bornstein, The MemoryPower Competitive Advantage:  5 Tools that Generate Sales & Increase Profits

Program Description

The secret weapon and core competency of all successful executives, leaders, professionals and learners is a powerful and accurate memory. 

Whether it's remembering the names of the people in a room, developing leaders, managing change, helping a child do better in school or focusing on the core business, step away from the usual agenda to increase your performance and ability to lead others by improving your greatest trainable asset: your memory power. 

This high-level, interactive, deep dive into memory by renowned memory expert Scott Bornstein will give everyone powerful systems for rapid and long-term recall of business, personal or academic knowledge, and names and faces. Scott's framework and case studies will spark discussion and solutions to your business's toughest challenges: people, strategy and execution.

At the heart of every executive's success and leadership is an unfailing confidence and capability to remember the right things at the right time. 

A little thinking outside the box goes a long way to engage a seasoned group, get ideas flowing, and develop expert skills that will generate hard business results. 

Value to Members:  Here's what members will learn to immediately impact leadership and personal performance: 

·       How MemoryPower Influences Executive Excellence, Leadership and Followership 

·       The Five Laws of MemoryPower and the 10-Day Rule, Priming Knowledge to be Stickier 

·       Scott's Three MemoryPower Systems for Executives, Leaders and Learners of All Ages 

·       Names and Faces Drill-Down: Six Keys to Flawless Recall of People, Facts and Details 

·       Six-Step Work Up Metric: Aligning People, Learning, Sales, Execution and Marketing 

·       Onboarding Best Practices, Leadership IQ, "Actionables" and Guided Practices

Biography: Scott Bornstein is founder of Bornstein Knowledge Management Systems. He is world-renowned for his memory training systems and for helping companies achieve a culture of MemoryPower and world-class sales and customer service based on his training programs. He teaches his "brain-changing" skills to executives and professionals, to associations and the sales and hospitality industries. He has conducted his programs for Harvard Business School OPM Alumni, Shangri-la Hotels & Resorts and Crystal Cruises.

Matthew Garrett, The Art & Science of Getting the Most Out of Your Money

Program Description

In this highly personalized workshop, Matt Garrett teaches you how to get off the financial treadmill and build real wealth. His unique and interactive approach helps members get answers to many financial questions that have been weighing on their minds. The following are some of the questions Garrett helps answer:

·       What questions should I be asking my financial advisor? 

·       Do I need a living trust? 

·       How will my estate be taxed? 

·       How do I minimize my liability exposure? 

·       How should my assets be allocated? 

·       Should I be using my credit card or debit card? 

·       Should I be budgeting and tracking my expenses? 

·       Do I have to spend less to budget? 

·       Where is the best place to invest over the next 5, 10 or 20 years? 

In this workshop, Matt arms you with tools and ideas to maximize your financial efficiency over the next three to 12 months. He shares many of his philosophies on how to get the most of your money. For example, the idea that money is a tool, not the end, to financial freedom. Money is not the object of many people's lives but rather the freedom that money brings. With that in mind, it is important to create a plan and work diligently to create the wealth (and therefore the freedom) that you want. 

First, each member begins the workshop with a goal orientation exercise that helps to reveal their unique goals and desires. The exercise removes you from any financial limitations you instinctively might put on yourself and makes you answer the following questions, "If I had all the time, money and freedom in the world, where would I be? Who would I be with? What would I be doing? What would I really want?" 

Second, he helps to quantify that goal in dollars. 

Third, he builds a plan for success to get from today to financial freedom. 

Finally, Matt spends time answering each member's questions about their personal financial situation. He reviews everything from insurance (life, health, disability, long-term care, etc.), investments, choosing a financial planner, wills and trusts, real estate, loans and lending, college funding, cash management, expense tracking, personal financial statements, business succession, etc. 

Value to Members: Each member will leave the workshop with at least two action items to better their financial situation, strengthen their personal financial health and help them make money. 

Biography: Matt Garrett, is the founder and CEO of TGG Accounting, an outsourced accounting and finance consulting firm specializing in making business owner's lives better through excellent financial management. He has successfully started and sold three previous businesses. He knows how to grow and improve business value and has been training organizations and specialty groups in accounting and financial topics for more than 15 years. 

Most recently, Matt was designated one of San Diego's most respected CEOs by the Daily Transcript. His company has been listed as one of Inc. magazine's "Fastest Growing" each of the past three years and has been named one of the Top 20 fastest growing business in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal for 2011 (No. 17), 2012 (No. 9), and 2013 (No. 20). He is a regular contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine.

 Ian Altman, Let Them Sell You to Grow Revenue

Program Description

Discover how to flip the traditional sales process on its head to grow revenue. Ian Altman shares the principles found within his two bestselling books, Upside Down Selling and Same Side Selling. Ian combines real-world experience that he discovered while growing his own businesses from zero to more than $1 billion in value with the latest research to empower attendees with strategies and tactics you can immediately put to work.

Typical challenges that attendees face:

·       "We have great stuff, but our message is falling on deaf ears - prospects see us as a commodity."

·       "We waste a ton of time and resources pursuing opportunities that do not generate revenue."

·       "It seems like every opportunity we pursue ends up being just about price."

·       "We can't seem to get our entire organization to play a role in growing revenue."

Value to members

Attendees will discover how to:

·       Stand out from the competition

·       Engage your entire organization to grow revenue with integrity

·       Get your clients to see you as a trusted advisor, not a slimy salesperson

·       Define where to focus your activities to maximize revenue per invested dollar

·       Empower your team to more effectively handle pricing pressure

Speaker Biography

A weekly contributor to Forbes.com on Sales Leadership, Ian Altman shares the principles found within his bestselling books: Upside Down Selling – An Integrity-based Sales Approach to Avoid Being Predictable and his May 2014 released Same Side Selling - A Radical Approach to Break Through Sales Barriers (which Seth Godin recommended as one of two B2B consultative selling books to read). Never a dull presenter, Ian brings energy and humor, backed by research and real-world experience to help executives grow based on value over price, and how to engage their entire teams to grow business.

Ian served as CEO of technology and professional services companies for two decades before selling his companies. He then served as managing director of the parent entity as he grew valuation from $100 million to more than $1 billion in just three years while establishing distribution channels in China, India, Europe, The Middle East and the Americas.

Ian lives in Maryland with his two wonderful children, a dog, and a wife he doesn't deserve.

Charles Scott, What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Program Description

Charles R. Scott, a 14-year veteran of Intel Corporation and co-founder of Team See Possibilities, explores how to create a meaningful life that encompasses more than just a professional title. Charles believes the answer to the question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" is the work of a lifetime. The workshop is structured around three modules, each with an interactive exercise:

Module 1 - Obstacles and Growth: sharing anecdotes from cycling over 7,000 miles with his young children across Japan, Iceland, Europe and the U.S., and from guiding the first blind runner to cross the Grand Canyon and back nonstop, Charles offers a unique perspective on leadership, naysayers and the sometimes unexpected benefits that can come from loss.

Module 2 - The Secret to Optimal Performance: Charles shares the hard-won secrets of success from a world-renowned professional marathoner and, in a unique and provocative twist, applies those principles to the workplace. This module often stimulates lively discussion about practical actions business people can take to work more efficiently and with greater satisfaction.

Module 3 - What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up? Charles builds on this age-old question, guiding participants through creative exercises intended to identify opportunities to inject vitality into their professional lives. 

Value to members

Members receive tips on effective leaderships skills, handling naysayers, and developing healthy work environments. They are also guided through three interactive exercises designed to:

- Offer insights on ways to grow from loss

- Improve workplace performance while simultaneously increasing leisure time, and

- Identify and harness the sparks of vitality that live within each of us.

Speaker Biography

Charles R. Scott is a National Geographic-featured adventurer, author of two books, co-founder of the nonprofit organization Team See Possibilities, and a 14-year veteran of Intel Corporation. He conducts executive workshops on developing an adventurous mindset for business success and personal growth. He has delivered this popular workshop to hundreds of CEOs and senior executives across North America, and has spoken at Uber, Intel, The World Bank, Harvard Business School and many others. His adventures have been featured in press around the world, including The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, FOX News, and Outside Magazine. He also gives talks at schools and to parent groups about raising resilient children. Mixing in anecdotes from cycling over 7,000 miles with his young children across Japan, Iceland, Europe and the U.S., and from guiding the first blind runner to cross the Grand Canyon and back nonstop, he describes how to use discomfort to your advantage, encourages informed risk taking, and shares the secret to optimal performance. For an excerpt of his talks, see: Adventure Speaker Charles Scott - Corporate 1 on Vimeo

Joe Hernandez, Cutting Edge, High Level Negotiating

Program Description

In this highly experiential presentation, Joe Hernandez teaches the most critical elements of successful negotiating. He provides the most current processes and tools for creating successful outcomes and transforms participants into confident and powerful negotiators. Participants leave the workshop with more negotiation expertise than 90 percent of managers in business today. 

Topics include but not limited to: 

·       Negotiation skills assessment 

·       Defining the goal

·       Understanding leverage and how to use it

·       The psychology of creating offers

·       Removing fear and anxiety

·       Finding out what the other side wants

·       Influencing at the table

·       Creating and maintaining control at the table

·       Tools for conflict resolution

·       Dealing with the cutthroat negotiator

Joe's program contains the psychology of negotiation, which provides significant advantage. Other negotiations programs ignore this critical component. His process and tools are the most current found in modern negotiation … very few people understand their use and the astounding results they provide. 

Impact to the Bottom Line: 

·       Joe assisted a client by negotiating a deal worth more than three quarters of a billion dollars that secured his client's financial position for eight years. 

·       Lead a successful negotiation where the client thought margins needed to be reduced by more than 25 percent in order to win a major long-term contract worth $90 million. Joe inked a contract worth more than $140 million without reducing margins. He was able to help them increase margins by 20 percent and managed to get the other side to ultimately propose these terms. 

·       Has assisted one client in closing over $1.5 billion in contracts with results that exceeded client expectations by 300 percent. 

·       For a company that was losing customers and revenues, Joe successfully negotiated multimillion-dollar opportunities that netted long term, high margin, and unforeseen revenues that not only saved the company, but catapulted it to the number one producing company in its industry. 


Value to Members:

·       Understand the difference between you and the master negotiators

·       Develop a significant competitive advantage at the negotiation table

·       Understand the importance of psychology in negotiations

·       Learn how to efficiently prepare for your negotiations

·       Improve your negotiation results every single time

·       Become a confident and influential negotiator


Biography: Joe Hernandez is an international authority on high-value negotiation skills and techniques. He consults throughout the world. He is founder, president and chief operating officer of ICE Institute headquartered in Denver. 


A Look Back

Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2017

January 12, 2017 – Executive Session

February 9, 2017 – Retreat

March 9, 2017 - Bill Hawfield, “Visual Planning”

April 13, 2017 – Vistage Executive Summit

May 4, 2017 – Executive Session

June 8, 2017 – Jay Rifenbary, “No Excuses!”

July 13, 2017 – Executive Session

August 3, 2017 – Mike Pierce, "Leading at 90 Below Zero”

September 7, 2017 – Executive Session

October 5, 2017 – Gustavo Grodnitzky, “Motivating the Millennial Generation”

November 9, 2017 – Jaynie Smith, “Competitive Advantage”

December 7, 2017 – Ryan Avery, “Leading Through Storytelling”

Meeting and Speaker Schedule for 2016

January 14, 2016 – Executive Session

February 11, 2016 – Al Killeen, “The 8 Critical Steps for Overcoming your Business Problems”

March 3, 2016 – Executive Session

April 6, 2016 – Vistage Executive Summit (Austin)

April 14 – Retreat  and Speaker, Abe Wagner, "Breaking the Communication Barrier at Work and Home"

June 9, 2016 – Craig Weber, "Piercing Conversations"

July 14, 2016 – Mitch Gooze, “Effective Marketing: How to Get It Or Tell If You Already Have It”

August 4, 2016 – Harvin Moore, “Integrity in Your Pursuit of Profit”

September 8, 2016 – Executive Session

October 6, 2016 – Michael Allosso, “Best Performance by an Executive in a Leading Role (You on Your Best Day)

November 3, 2016 – Bob Anderson, “Harnessing the Power of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership”

December 8, 2016 – Executive Session