As a Vistage member, you'll benefit from a time-tested process featuring:

  • "Advisory Board" peer group meetings

  • 1-on-1 business mentoring sessions

  • Interactive workshops

  • Vast online resources

  • Online connectivity with fellow members

Download this brochure to get a full view of the value of Vistage.


How to Get the Most Out of Your Vistage Membership

Your Chair

Talk to Tom when you need him.  Schedule a call at or text him

Leverage Chair to get the most out of your 121

Access Chair’s network for introductions and referrals

Leverage Chair for a 360 review

Submit goals to Chair for accountability


Monthly peer group meetings

Attend Vistage San Antonio mixers

Attend the San Antonio Vistage Executive Summit in April

Invite direct reports and guests to upcoming speaker programs 


Join Vistage Networks

Access to Chair’s LinkedIn network of over 1,500 business leaders in San Antonio

Access the Vistage Trusted Advisor group for professional services help and guidance

Sponsor in a non-profit

Share your events with the Vistage community

Place a rising leader in a Vistage Key group

Nominate a peer for a Vistage CEO group

Share “Friday’s with Vistage” webinars with your team

Search the My.Vistage website for articles, videos & resources

List your company in the My.Vistage Marketplace to be found by other Vistage members around the world


Complimentary copy of INC Magazine

Copy of Vistage Perspectives monthly member magazine

Participate in the CEO Confidence Index  

Access the Healthnetwork Foundation

Find resources at

Join the Vistage / Stanford Education Program

Find interns at the Vistage Intern network

Read the Member Connection Newsletter

Access video content in the Vistage Studio