Business Model Canvas

A business model canvas can be a useful tool to both understand and explain your business.  This page provides resources to begin the process.


1) BMG Canvas Explained (YouTube 2:20):

2) Download the Business Model Canvas (PDF) at:

Business Model Canvas is based on this book:

Osterwalder, Alexander and Pigneur, Yves, Business Model Generation, Wiley.

3) Watch someone use the Business Model Canvas to break down an existing company (Groupon)

Key activities of Groupon vs. most daily email lists (Using the BMG Canvas) (YouTube 8:19): 


Other Resources, if you wish to dive deeper:

Videos Shown in Trinity Entrepreneurship and Venture Planning Class (Jan 22, 2014):

1) Genesis of Business Model Generation by Alex Osterwalder (interview) (YouTube 6:30)

 - Trying to describe Business Model in a way that could be used to develop software on top of it:

2) Ennova re: Business Model Innovation (and the BMG Canvas) (YouTube, with great classical musical score 3:08):


Other Resources:

Alex Osterwalder's blog site:

Business Model Canvas chapter design (YouTube 6:34): 

Authors@Google: Alex Osterwalder video (YouTube 49:48):