Mission (What I do every day)

To help leaders see what they cannot,
while equipping them to achieve more than they imagined possible.

Vision (Where I will be in 3-5 years)

Make a sustaining impact with each hour worked in the lives of people,
companies and organizations I touch.  
Be sought after by being known as committed, direct and a great listener.  
Be grateful, supportive and authentic.
Live curious.

Lenses (Guiding principles to keep me on track)

1. Use time wisely
2. Make a sustaining impact
3. Be effective
4. Aligned with my values and beliefs

My three things (The focus activities, most impactful)

1. Plan
2. Coach
3. Facilitate

Impact of one hour of my time = $16,566

Business Goals for 2017

1.   Maintain 90% capacity across four groups and coaching clients
2.   90% attendance across all four groups
3.   Attend Chairworld plus five VCG meetings plus 10 hours training
4.   Improve Vistage Chair effectiveness score quarter to quarter
5.  Double Sandler revenue from 2016

Personal Goals for 2017

1.  Lunch/ Dinner with Jill every week, 2 date nights per month and 4 trips
2. Spend one full day, one on one time with each child and grandchild.  Consistently deepening relationships
3. Learn to play piano, practice 5 days per week
4. Gym 5 days per week, maintain good labs and fitness
5. Complete outline and working title for first book