It is at this time of year when frustration sets in. Goals set, not achieved.  What was in the way?  Achieving people meet and exceed their goals. So what's the secret? 

The video to the left overviews the process I use for achieving goals.  I use my own goals to model this approach.  The key documents are linked below.  I hope you find these tools useful.  Be an achieving person!

My own mission, vision, lenses and goals are listed below.  I share these to model
transparency and accountability to my members and clients.

Mission (What I do every day)

To help leaders see what they cannot,
while equipping them to achieve more than they imagined possible.

Vision (Where I will be in 3-5 years)

Make a sustaining impact with each hour worked in the lives of people,
companies and organizations I touch.  
Be sought after by being known as committed, direct and a great listener.  
Be grateful, supportive and authentic.
Live curious.

Lenses are guiding principles to keep you on track.

Lenses (Guiding principles to keep me on track)

1.  Be effective
2. Use time wisely
3. Make a sustaining impact
4. Aligned with my values and beliefs

My core values (The foundation of goals)

1. Trust
2. Effectiveness
3. Meaningful work

What's an hour of your time worth?

My three things (The focus activities, most impactful)

1. Plan
2. Coach
3. Facilitate

Impact of one hour of my time = $16,566

Business Goals for 2018 (Q3 update bolded)

1. Maintain 100% capacity all four groups and coaching clients with 95% retention (Overall capacity = 106%, Retention - 87%)
3. Attend Chairworld, four VCG meetings, 10 hours training, read 12 books (Chairworld complete, training in July for 16 hours, read 13 books year to date)
4. Improve Vistage Chair effectiveness score quarter to quarter (Q1 = 186.2, Q2 = 188.6, Q3 = 188.8)
5. Triple Sandler San Antonio revenue vs. 2017.  Acquire second location (YTD = +159% vs LY)

Personal Goals for 2018

1.  Never miss lunch/dinner with Jill each week, 2 date nights per month and 4 trips (Consistently meeting goal, 4 trips taken, 1 trip planned)
2. Follow scheduling boundaries and email protocol (~90% effectiveness.  Reducing coaching clients, scheduling more effectively)
3. Learn sight-read music adding 6 songs to repertoire (~75% able to sight-read, learned 2 songs YTD)
4. Gym 5 days per week, maintain good labs and fitness.  Weight lower quarter-to-quarter (Average days at gym = 4.3 YTD, weight end of Q1  down 1.2lbs, Q2 down additional 1.1 lbs.  Q3 down additional .8 lbs. Worked with trainer in June)
5. Make my faith visible to others (Ask those around me!  I believe so)