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It was great to spend time with your group sharing the research of Elliott Jaques.  I am sending you a lot of stuff in this email, because I always fear that we may not see each other for some time.  I travel and you are busy, so, there are several resources attached to this email.  Please understand that I am always curious how organizations are able to apply this research, so please do not hesitate to call or email with questions, or just report how you are doing. 

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Get a clean copy of the handout to share.

You can download a copy of the handout we used in the workshop from the link at the top of the page.  Copy of handout.

Get the book - Outbound Air - Levels of Work in Organizational Structure.

Find out more about Time Span and levels of work.  The appendix in the back of the book is an expanded version of Adizes' lifecycle model and Elliott's Level of Work model.  Available in softcover and for Kindle.

Get the book - Hiring Talent - Levels of Work in the Behavioral Interview.

Find out more about Time Span and the behavioral interview.  This how-to book covers the writing of role descriptions, creation of interview questions and how to conduct a behavioral interview.  Available in softcover and for Kindle.

Time Span 101 - We recently made a video recording of the workshop you attended and embedded the video content into an online learning platform called TimeSpan 101.  This program contains additional narrative, the graphics from the workshop you attended, plus 2-1/2 hours of embedded video.  The cost for this program is $100.  If you would like more information, follow this link to Time Span 101.  

Hiring Talent Course - Find out more about this self paced online course that teaches hiring managers how to do a better job of selecting candidates.  This program resets the fundamentals, with field work assignments under the direct supervision of Tom Foster.

Diagnostic Interviews

Attached is the complete Diagnostic Interview package with illustrative interviews for S-I, S-II, S-III and S-IV.  There is a complete debrief of these interviews in Hiring Talent.


hese are the electronic templates I referred to in the presentation.

  • Role Description (Worksheet)
  • Role Description with evaluation (Worksheet)
  • evel of Work by Function (Worksheet)

Finally, Cross-Functional Working Relationships.

Do you remember on your org chart, I said, get rid of your dotted lines. Not true.  I actually don't want you to get rid of your dotted lines.  You put the dotted lines there for a reason.  There is a horizontal working relationship.  Neither is each other's manager, but they still have to work together, assign tasks and call meetings with each other.  Attached is a chapter I wrote for the American Society of Trainers and Developers called Get Rid of Your Dotted Lines.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me an email, drop me a line.  -Tom

Tom Foster

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Outbound Air, Levels of Work in Organizational Structure - a business novel.

Hiring Talent, Levels of Work in the Behavioral Interview - a how-to book.

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