marcus lemonis

Flat Out, The Best Show on TV: The Profit

I love business.  I've enjoyed a 30 year career of working in, starting and growing companies.   So it shouldn't be any surprise that I am a fan of the new CNBC show, "The Profit" with Marcus Lemonis.  But how do you explain my 17 year old son loving it?!

The Apprentice began a trend of glamorizing and dramatically over simplifying business for entertainment sake.  Shark Tank (a show I enjoy) has made venture capital cool and more easily understood by the masses. But the difference between being a successful entrepreneur and a successful business person is one word... execution.  The Profit aligns the two in an entertaining and educational way and the result is a great show!

I recently connected with Marcus on LinkedIn and sent the following note, "Congrats on the success of the show.  More importantly, thanks for presenting a business reality show that is "real world".  My 17 year old son finally understands what I do with Vistage!  The episodes have fostered discussions around business principles, turnaround strategy and why people come first.  Your show is about executing as an entrepreneur, not just the more glamorous idea aspect!  Great work."

I recommend you check out The Profit on CNBC Tuesday nights.  Be sure when you do, you plop your kid down next to you.  They will complain at first, it's not sports or a sitcom.  But perhaps after a few minutes, the challenges, fun and importance of running a business will resonate with them as well.  It's a great conversation starter that could lead to developing a future leader.