Memorial Day 2008

I have a friend named Joe who passed away earlier this year at the age of 82.  Joe served in World War II.  Although I would often ask him about it, he would almost never discuss it.  Sherman had it right when he said “War is hell” and no one knows that more clearly than those who served our country by being in the middle of combat.

These days there is a great deal of discussion, debate and differing opinions around the current war.  While I respect all of those perspectives, none of them change the fact that we should pause to honor those who have served, and are serving our country.  Our country is what it is because of the brave men and women who have served.  

I hope you will take this opportunity to honor our heros.  A few years ago, I stood with my family in the middle of Arlington cemetery in Virginia.  It is an overwhelming experience.  The 360 degree view of tombstones is a visual reminder of the scale of the sacrifice.

Monday I will place a flag on my friend Joe’s grave.  My son and I will walk through the cemetery and talk about what it means to serve, honor and respect.  It is the least we can do.