Jack FM, Not Your Father's Radio Station

Let me be clear, I really don't like commercial radio. I spend a lot of time in my car and usually listen to podcasts. (Some of my favorites include the LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack, The Onion Radio News and Today in iPhone). No commercials, I listen to what I want when I want and it's always fresh... three things radio is not!   Sometimes I will listen to CD's or music on my iPod but rarely the radio, when I do... it's sports talk.Somehow, I stumbled onto Jack FM. I have to say I like it! Rarely do I hear the same song twice and the variety is amazing.  I have fairly diverse tastes in music (ranging from Rascal Flatts to Van Halen to Pavarotti).  Jack FM seems to play a little of everything (minus the Pavarotti!).  I learned today that Jack FM has over 50 stations nationally (and a few around the world).  Interesting concept that seems pretty efficient. So wherever you are, there may a be a Jack FM near you.  Tune in, crank it up and dance away... unless of course you are driving~ Tom