Why I Like Amtrak

OK sure Amtrak only exists because the government props it up.  The subsidy actually comes out to $210 for every 1000 passenger miles.  For those folks who live in a giant state like Texas, the idea of taking the train anywhere is nuts.  However, for people on the east coast, it works brilliantly.  I actually enjoy it get much more done on the train than I would on most flights.
This trip, for example, I flew nonstop to Baltimore for a meeting.  Then, it is a easy 2 1/2 hour train ride on the Acela and poof, you are in midtown Manhattan.  There are three things I like about Amtrak vs flying: 1) No security lines  (Sure it's fun to remove de-rob and wait in long lines but I am willing to sacrifice it to ride a train!)
2) No screaming babies in the seat behind me (I almost always choose the "quiet car") 3) Outlets!  It's hard enough to find a plug at an airport (ie Las Vegas), on the train I have my very own I have put together this fascinating two minute video of my most recent trip... enjoy :) Yes, my trip cost the government (meaning me) $41.72.  Despite that, I am glad Amtrak exists and will continue to enjoy it on the east coast.  San Antonio to Lubbock?   Not so much... Happy travels! Tom