IAB Click Measurement Guidelines

On the first day Click Forensics was formed, January 2nd, 2006, we called for standards to be developed around click measurement.  Our work and our focus has been to ensure advertisers get what they pay for.  There has been a need for standards and guidelines to help ensure this happens.  Today, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) released the highly anticipated Click Measurement Guidelines.  This document is the result of a task force that took form in September of 2006.  Click Forensics was a founding member and along with Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, LookSmart and other members of the IAB, the document is ready for public comment... your comment.Since the IAB is a publisher driven organization, we have felt a responsibility to advertisers to ensure your voice is heard throughout this process.  During the public comment phase, we want to help encourage and inject advertiser comments into the process.  It is important for you to take time and review the document.  Think about the benefits that it may have to you as a buyer and question aspects that are missing.  All ideas are good ideas and the IAB and our entire task force are eager to get feedback.  You can download a copy of the document and provide comments directly to the IAB here.  You are also welcome to provide feedback to us directly by commenting in the box below.   [contact-form]  The Guidelines are an important  foundational step for our industry.  While no one document can solve the problem of click fraud or mitigate invalid traffic, it is encouraging to us to be at this point.  We look forward to continuing to work to represent your voice and contribute toward building standards that enhance the value for online advertisers.  We are grateful to the IAB, the Media Rating Council and all the members of the task force for the hard work put in over the last few years.  Together we are making meaningful progress in building trust and making online advertising more transparent and effective. Tom Cuthbert President and Founder