Social Media for Business - How to Use It; Why You Can't Ignore It


This month, Vistage San Antonio will host Dave Nelsen.  Dave is president of Dialog Consulting in Pittsburgh. His expertise is in helping senior executives develop strategies to enhance the conversations with their most important internal and external customers using proven social marketing and internet communication tools. He is an experienced podcaster, blogger, tweeter, Facebook, and LinkedIn networker.

In this entertaining and cutting edge presentation, Dave Nelsen provides a clear roadmap for the rapidly evolving world of social media and social networking. Linkedin, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and related services are changing the way the world communicates for personal and business. Nelsen explains the services, describes how and why to use them, and shares concrete examples of organizations creating new best practices for bi-directionally engaging customers.

Key issues covered include:

An overview of the important social media and social networking tools
The implications of transforming your communications "monologue" into "dialog"
Gaining visibility into what your customers and prospects are saying and thinking
The transformation of the web from "push" to "pull"

Members will leave an understanding of the transformative capabilities of social media and with tangible ideas to:
Improve sales using Linkedin and TweetDeck
Increase marketing effectiveness through Blogging and Facebook
Strengthen competitive advantage using Google and Twitter
Achieve better product design with interactive Podcasting and Ning
Realize higher customer satisfaction via GetSatisfaction
Improve internal communication using Really Simple Syndication (RSS)