Too Busy = Unproductive

When I meet a CEO or executive who tells me they me they are "too busy", they are saying they are not doing the things they should be doing.  Priorities are driven by others, their day is chaotic and "less important" things such as exercise, family and time to focus hit the back burner.


Too busy means unproductive, unfocused and ineffective.  

In a one-to-one yesterday with a Vistage member, we took time to process this issue.  I've listed a few of the bullet points that came out of that meeting.  If you are experiencing excessive busyness, maybe we need to talk.

Share calendar with direct reports

Get a printer in your office

Schedule everything!  (workouts, recurring meetings, lunch dates, reading, projects, research, emails)

Consider OutlookSaneboxBoxer to help with email management

Keep Monday and Friday as interaction day.  Reduce or eliminate meetings on these days.

Use meeting best practices (read Death By Meeting) - agenda, purpose, outcome, time limit, recap

Schedule routine one-to-ones (121’s) with direct reports - more here

Consciously manage distractions (see below) 

Consider what are you doing that someone else could or should be doing

Books/ Resources

Personal Productivity Secrets

Getting Things Done

Managing Distractions