Groupon Adds Self-Serve Deal Platform, Says It's the "Future"

I'm impressed with Groupon.  Not as much as a consumer but from the business concept standpoint... quite frankly, it's brilliant. There's a reason this company has been the fastest to a $1B valuation (yep, faster than Google and Facebook!)

Now Groupon is testing a new feature called Groupon Stores, which allows local businesses to create Facebook-like pages where fans can follow them and access deals. The businesses can add their own deals, bypassing Groupon’s long waiting lines in each city, but do they have more than enough to keep track of already?

Each business that signs up receives its own page with a web address that begins “” and can offer details about itself along with deals similar to those hosted on the main section of the Groupon website. Only a few businesses are testing out the feature at present.