Yep, I finally got one right! "Just Like That, The iPad Is Almost As Big As The Mac"

It's not often I am right, but give me credit on this one!  I knew before it came out the iPad would be a game changer.  It has exceeded even my expectations.  Congrats to Apple for creating yet another game changing product!

Apple's iPad business has only been around for 9 months, but it has already generated almost $10 billion in revenue for Apple. 

Specifically, Apple shipped 14.8 million iPads last year, generating $9.6 billion in revenue. Last quarter alone, it shipped 7.3 million iPads for $4.6 billion in sales. 

That's amazing. And what's more amazing is that it's almost the same amount of revenue as Apple's almost-27-year-old Mac business, which just put in its best quarter ever, generating $5.4 billion in revenue. 

But perhaps what's most remarkable is how fast Apple is still growing overall. At $26.7 billion in sales last quarter, Apple still grew 71% year-over-year. Crazy.