2010 - The year of the iPad

Remember when there was a debate as to who would be a better NFL quarterback, Payton Manning or Ryan Leaf?  Yeah, pretty stupid debate in hind sight.  Nowadays no one will admit that they were skeptical about the launch of the iPad.  But there we are bunch of them and it seems pretty stupid now. Yes, the iPad has been a "game changer".  But this is only the beginning...

By Yoni Heisler

Steve Jobs last week confidently pronounced 2011 to be the year of the iPad 2. With a slew of competing tablets on the horizon, time will tell how the next-gen iPad will actually fair this year. That said, there's no denying that 2010 was, in fact, the year of the iPad. In typical fashion, Apple's offering caught competitors off-guard and resurrected a previously dormant tablet market. While some companies tried to enter the fray, ahem Samsung, Apple's iPad armor was impervious to rival tablets in 2010.

As part of the iPad 2 introduction, Jobs showcased the following video which encapsulates all the interesting uses people have found for the original iPad. The video below is heartwarming, inspiring, and truly shows how much of a game changer the iPad truly was and continues to be.